Magnivue Dye Penetrant Spray - Penetrant


  • Available as a 3 part system for quick and easy visual detection of flaws and cracks.
  • Each set consists of a Penetrant Spray, a Cleaner Spray and a Developer Spray. Meet requirements of ASTM E 165-95 & IS 3658 (1999) for Solvent Removable Penetrant, Non-Aqueous Wet Developer and Solvent Cleaner.
  • Meets requirements of IS 3658 (1999): Code of practice for Liquid Penetrant Flaw Detection.
  • Meets RDSO Specification no. M&C/NDT/105/2001
  • Extremely low chlorine and sulphur contents.
  • Non-corrosive to most metals.


  • Clean the area to be treated with the Cleaner Spray to remove oil, greases, dirt and other contaminants. Spray the cleaner and allow to evaporate for about 30 seconds. Wipe off excess with a clean dry cloth.
  •  Spray the Penetrant spray on the cleaned surface and allow dwell time of 20-30 minutes. Remove excess Penetrant with a dry, clean, lint free cloth. Further clean with a cloth moistened with the Cleaner Spray to remove excess. Do not spray the Cleaner directly on the area treated with the Penetrant as it may remove the penetrant indications.
  • Spray the Developer on to the area of inspection as an even, thin film. Allow about 10-20 minutes for the developer film to highlight the cracks and flaws, if any. The defects will show up as red lines or dots.


  • Quick and easy visual detection of flaws and cracks in various metallic surfaces.
  • Suitable for use throughout industry in areas such as Automotive, Welding, Engineering, Construction, Ship building, Machining. It reduces the need for immersion tanks or electrical detection equipment.
  • It is ideal for use during welding, repairs and general maintenance.


24 cans in one corrugated carton

Net Content: 250 g