Aerol® Corrogard 6 in 1 (6 Super Functions)

Aerol® Corrogard 6 in 1 (6 Super Functions)

Corrogard 6 in 1 Spray was conceptualized in 1989 based upon a requirement of an Auto OEM who had a large consignment of steering locks cum ignition switches that were rejected by his customer due to rusting of the internal parts. This rusting caused the movement of the lock to be sticky / irregular. The option to disassemble the entire lock was very expensive and not feasible. He enquired if Aerol could develop a cleaner cum lubricant that could be sprayed inside the lock which could clean the lock and lubricate it at the same time.


After several trials Aerol produced a sample of Corrogard Spray which could flush out dry rust, leave a rust protective coating and also offer light lubrication to the moving parts inside. This product was able to meet the requirements of this customer and was instantly approved. Since then, this product went through many improvements and today it is known as Corrogard 6 in 1 multifunctional oil spray.



The extremely low surface tension of Corrogard 6 in 1 formula enables it to penetrate the smallest clearance. It also cuts through dirt, dried lubricant, rust etc. and free stuck up/jammed nuts, bolts, components etc.

Corrogard 6 in 1 penetrates and releases


Corrogard 6 in 1 has excellent cleaning abilities. Its low surface tension helps it to get under layers of dirt, grime, caked  grease, tar. Oil, most types of adhesives etc. and flash them away.

Displaces Moisture

The high surface attraction formula of Corrogard 6 in 1 enables it to get under moisture/water wet surface. It builds a barrier, which cuts off contact with moisture/water.

corrogard 6 in 1 drives moisture
corrogard 6 in 1 oil spray


Corrogard 6 in 1 provides protection against rust & corrosion of metal surfaces. Its special ingredients provide high quality rust/corrosion protection in indoor and outdoor environment.

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