• Aerol® Anti-seize Spray is an Anti-seize lubricant, in aerosol form, formulated with solid lubricants and other substances which lowers friction and reduces torque wrench in threaded fasteners and fittings.
  • It prevents galling and seizure of threaded fastners and connections exposed to high temperature or corrosive atmospheres.
  • Grade 3101 is best suited for austenitic stainless steels, titanium, nickel and copper alloys. Grade 3030 contains fine particulate copper metal which provides very high serviceable temperature.


  • Used in preventing seizure of bearings, gears, piston rings, cams, valve stems, ball joints, splines, nuts & bolts, screw threads, turbine studs, valves & cocks, press fittings, brake components, plugs & seals.
  • Often used to reduce friction and wear on assembly press-fits and during start-up.
  • Also used in threaded connections to ensure proper tightening torque, aid non-destructive disassembly and reduce connection failure in services.


24 cans in one corrugated carton

Grade Properties/Type Net Contents
3101 Black paste, -30°C to 482°C  300g
3030 Copper Paste, –30°C to 982°C  300g