Odour Neutralizer Air


  • Made from a proprietary formula of natural plant extracts, ethyl alcohol and deionized water.
  • This revolutionary product traps odour molecules and neutralizes them. It eliminates common odour of:

~Pets & Animals          ~Human sweat & waste

~Toilet smells               ~Tobacco & smoke

~Food                             ~Garbage

  • It is most useful in Homes, Commercial Establishments and Transportation vehicles such as Cars, Buses, Trains and Air-crafts for odour removal from Washroom, Kitchen, Laundry, Drain, Sink & Garbage bin.
  • It is also useful in Industrial establishments, Meat processing factories, Slaughter Houses etc. for elimination of mal odour.
  • Unique formulations based on natural plant extract.
  • Eliminates mal odour from pets, animals, human sweat & waste, toilet & washrooms, tobacco & cigarette smoke, garbage, food etc.
  • Non-toxic & safe to use in kitchens and homes.
  • Long lasting freshness as odour causing molecules are neutralized.
  • Net Content: 500 ml