• Multipurpose solvent free lubricant spray capable of many outstanding functions such as Lubrication, Release, Weatherproofing, Moisture proofing.

  • Provides protection against corrosion. Dielectric sealing, Rejuvenating and Shining surfaces.

  • Its non-toxic, odourless, colourless nature makes it invaluable for many applications.

  • Unlike mineral oil based lubricants, it does not decompose rubber and plastic thereby enabling its use to lubricate plastic, rubber, metal parts.

  • The lubricant film deposited on the surface is capable of withstanding extremely low to high (-40°C to 200°C) temperature.

  • It also offers protection against atmospheric corrosion, imparts all-weather resistant properties.


  • Aerol® Multipurpose Silicone Spray is used in thousands of applications as an indispensable aid in homes, offices workshops and factories.

  • It offers excellent release properties to moulded articles made of plastic rubber, wax, resin and many metals.

  • It also makes surfaces non-stick to adhesives, glues, paint and coatings.

  •  Dull, worn out painted surfaces, rubber and plastic surfaces are refreshed, rejuvenated and are shining once silicone spray is applied on them.

Grade Unit Pack Quantity/Case
70 300 g 24