Automate Silicone Dressing Spray


  • Auto Mate® Silicone Dressing Spray is a clean, dry, non-toxic, water and weather resistant lubricant. It does not attract dust or stain fabric upholstery
  • The jet spray action helps the lubricant to penetrate deep into very small clearances and provide long term lubrication.
  • It does not mar paint or affect plastic and rubber substrates. It seals out moisture, makes surface weather and corrosion resistant.


  •  Makes sticky power windows to operate smoothly. Rejuvenates rubber mountings, bushings, weather strips, moldings and all rubber and plastic parts etc.
  • Imparts a polished appearance to all the plastic and rubber parts under the hood, seals out moisture from vehicle’s distributor, ignition, spark plugs, electrical wiring and parts. Also lubricates seat belt mechanism, head rest pins etc.


  •  Shake the can well and apply sufficient quantity to enable deep penetration. Wipe off excess from surrounding area.


  • 24 pcs are packed in one corrugated carton.
  • Net content 250 gm / can