Afra® Heavy Duty Silicone Spray for Mold Release are Silicone based aerosol preparations and are available as several grades specifically for Injection Molding and Thermoplastic Industry.

They are designed to improve release efficiency in many processes including compression, transfer, vacuum forming, pour casting, die casting and extrusion molding.

These mold release sprays are compatible with ABS, Nylon, Polypropylene, PPO, Polystyrene, Polycarbonate, ABS, Acetyl, Polyester, Poly sulfone, Polyethylene and several Rubbers, Waxes, Resins &  Metals.


  • Free from chlorinated solvents, Class I & Class II Ozone Depleting
  • Special propellant gas with optimized propane-butane ratio and free from un-saturates.
  • Unique combination of ingredients and valve design enables a fine mist spray for optimized application on
  • Wide serviceable temperature of sprayed film, from -40 to 200°C, enables use on hot and cold
  • Non-toxic, colorless and generally Suitable for incidental food contact.
  • Use of plastic safe solvent enhances compatibility with most plastic
  • Often used as a clean, non-staining, non-oxidizing, water-repellant, weather resistant, plastic and rubber compatible lubricant for several applications.
  • Also used for rejuvenating plastic and rubber by imparting gloss


  • Outstanding properties enable the use of Silicone Sprays as a Mould Release Agent in the injection molding of Plastics and Rubber. They provide defect free and faithful reproductions from complicated moulds.
  • As a release agent in metallurgical molding/casting, candle manufacturing and resin casting, it facilitates molding and casting operations.
  • As a Non-Stick agent on cutting blades of paper, plastic, adhesive tapes etc., gluing equipment in printing presses (press room and bindery) & plastic heat sealing equipment, it prevents the build-up of glue and facilitates easy cleaning.
  • As a nontoxic, non-staining, non-carbonizing, high and low temperature resistant lubricant for delicate mechanisms and components where friction takes place between non-metal and non-metal surface, non-metal to metal surface or metal to metal surface such as curtain runners, blinds, sliding doors & windows, tread mill belts, zippers of luggage, diving suits and tents, printer head guides, sewing needles-thread-work tables in high speed garment and leather production, it provides clean, non-staining lubrication.
  • In automobiles these grades may be used to maintain locks, hinges, telescopic antenna, seat rails, seat belt recoilers, wiper blades, battery terminals etc. They are also used to lubricate conveyors in food and pharmaceutical industries due to their non-toxicity.
  • As a moisture / rust resistant protective coating on chrome plated automobile parts, delicate instruments, components & electrical assemblies and switch gear, it keeps moisture out.
  • As a polishing and finishing agent for plastic, rubber, polished/ painted wooden and steel surfaces such as auto tyres, rubber trims, dashboards, bumpers, TV & audio cabinets, plastic, wooden and steel furniture etc., it provides gloss, shine and protection.


  • Surfaces treated with Silicone spray will be resistant to the adhesion of paint, glue, ink and other coating materials. In such cases Afra® Heavy Duty Silicone Free Spray could be a useful option.Grades containing high solvent contents may adversely affect certain plastic and rubber surfaces, if prolonged contact is maintained. Such applications should be tested for compatibility.