• Afra® Silicone Emulsions are water diluteable emulsion of Poly-methyl siloxane fluids.
  • Various grades of Silicone Emulsions are fomulated with respect to their solid contents.


  • These silicone emulsions are chemically inert, non toxic, non-flammable and non-harzardous.
  • They possess low surface tension and superior wetting properties.
  • These silicone emulsions are particularly suited for mould release applications during rubber moulding and metal casting because they form films of low adhesion and therefore be applied to moulds to prevent adhesion of the moulded articles.


  • They are also used as water soluble lubricants, paper and textile finishing agents and as a polish ingredient, various grades of silicone emulsions are being formulated with respect to their solid contents.
Grade Type/ Properties Solid contents Pack Size
2000 Milky white emulsion 21% w/w 35 Kg & 200 kg
2050 Viscous milky white emulsion 26% w/w 35 Kg & 200 kg
3050 High Solid emulsion 36% w/w 35 Kg & 200 kg
3043 High Solid emulsion 43% w/w 35 Kg & 200 kg
1500 Milky white 16% w/w 35 Kg & 200 kg
1000 Milky white 11% w/w 35 Kg & 200 kg