• Auto Mate® Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner is a gentle, fast acting, foaming cleaner which removes general dirt, spots and stains from all kinds of carpets and upholstery materials. It cleans and brightens up the materials on which it is applied without leaving any spots or stains.
  • Fast acting, foamy cleaner.
  • Suitable for spot cleaning of carpets, upholstery door and roof lining of cars.
  • Removes general dirt and stains from most textiles and synthetic leather.
  • Does not generally leave bleed spot and rings.
  • Compatible with most textiles and fabrics.


  • Suitable for use on automobile seats and seat covers, carpets and general upholstery materials used in homes, offices, hotels, restaurants and similar institutions.


Apply on the desired surface and allow the foam to soak the substrate for about 2 minutes. Work the foam well on to the soiled substrate with a sponge and wipe off excess. Use a soft brush for removing stubborn dirt and stains. Reapply if necessary and allow to dry. Also suitable for use of vacuum foam after cleaning. It is recommended to conduct a patch test on an area which is not prominently visible and check for signs of colour bleeding or other signs of incompatibility. Wear gloves during use. This product may not be able to remove all type of stains and deposit and is mainly intended for removal of common soil.

Grade Unit Pack Quantity/Case
6707 300 g 24
6707 500 ml 12