• Auto Mate® AC Coil Cleaner Fluid Is a non-acid, alkaline-based product for cleaning and brightening air cooled condensers.
  • Formulated with the best available foaming detergents and chelates to quickly penetrate and dissolve greasy dirt and grime and foam it right out of the coil.
  • Alkaline based cleaner that does all that an acid will do without the dangers of an acid.
  • Instantly penetrates and lifts layers of oily grime and corrosive deposits from the coil.
  • Its foaming action pushes this loosened debris out of hard-to-reach areas restoring equipment to peak efficiency.
  • Not recommended for interior/indoor use.


Spray/apply the Auto Mate® AC Coil Cleaner Fluid onto dirty coils or surfaces and allow it to remain in contact with the dirty surfaces for 5-10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water and then apply/spray the Auto Mate® AC Coil Neutralizer Fluid. Then once again, rinse the coils with water. If sprayer is being used for application, rinse out sprayer as well as its spraying wand and nozzle with water.


Auto Mate® AC Coil Cleaner Fluid is available in 5L pack size. Two carbouys of 5L pack size are packed in one corrugated carton.