• Primarily used for corrosion and rust prevention.
  • Upon spraying, they leave a sag/non-sag type, non-drying coating that has the ability to uniformly coat substrates with complex under cuts and contours.
  • The corrosion preventive properties meet IS 1154 Standards and pass the Salt Spray test for a minimum of 96 hours.


They provide temporary corrosion protection and displacement of moisture from the surface of freshly machined components, bearings, moulds and dies etc.


24 cans in one corrugated carton

Grade Properties/Type Net Contents
222 Cream, non-sag type, non-dry 300g
223 Green, non-sag type, non-dry 300g
225 Translucent white, thin film, dry to touch 300g
226 Translucent green, thin film, dry to touch 300g
310 Green, sag type, non-dry 350g
311 Cream, sag-type, non-dry 350g
313 Heat resistant, non-dry 300g