• Lubricating preparations that spray out as an oil, paste or dry powder, depending on the grade.
  • This oil, paste or powder coating of Molysulphide forms a film of solid lubricant which bonds on to most metal surfaces, providing a coating which is a capable of various outstanding features such as high load resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, low volatility, minimal dust attraction, non-drip, non-melt and seizure resistant coating.


They are commonly used to prevent seizure in threaded connections, as a wear, load and high temperature resistant lubricant for machinery and parts and as an assembly aid for tight fitting components.


24 cans in one corrugated carton

Grade Properties/Type Net Contents
0606 Dry powder type coating 300g
0505 Oil type coating 300g
2010 Paint type coating 300g
6066 Paint type, dry, bonded film coating 300g