• Unique multifunctional Penetrant, Cleaner and Lubricant specifically designed to provide these three outstanding functions in industries and industrial processes.
  • Its rapid and deep penetrative properties and its unique capillary action make this product an outstanding penetrant which cuts through layers of rust, dirt etc.
  • Helps to clean and remove most oils, grease, tar, adhesive and dry rust and several other unwanted materials.
  • Non-toxic, odorless, colorless lubricant for machinery and parts.


  • Release of rusted/stuck/jammed parts, threaded connectors etc. Rust removal from ferrous substrates. Cleaning of oil, grease, dirt,     dust, grime from parts, components and surfaces.
  • Lubrication of food, pharmaceutical, medical equipment where non-toxic lubricants are recommended.
  • Excellent lubricant for general light lubrication of automotive, industrial, electrical, household and office equipment.
  • Most suited for lubrication of textile and embroidery machinery due to colorless and non-staining property.
  • Lubrication of plastic and rubber parts in toys, office equipment, electronic equipment etc.
  • Lubrication of conveyors and other mechanism, like in printing press, diaper and sanitary pad manufacturing machinery where a colorless lubricant is desired.


  • 24 cans are packed in one corrugated carton
  • Net content per can – 400 gm