• Offers excellent corrosion protection and extreme weather protection
  • Imparts a new look to old, worn out exhaust pipes and equipments
  • Serviceable temperature of silencer protector coating is up to 200o C


Shake well before use. The balls inside the can should move freely indicating that the contents and well mixed. Remove dust, dirt, loose rust, oil and grease from the substrate completely. Mask areas where treatment is not required. Apply first coat as a primer and allow to dry. Apply second coat after the first coat is completely dry. Re-apply on areas where additional treatment is required. Invert can upside down and spray a few bursts in air to keep the spray head unclogged before putting the can away for use later. Do not spray on plastic parts as this product contains solvents which may damage certain plastic. Wear adequate respiratory and eye protection devices and use in ventilated area.