• Excellent Anti Stick/ Release property.
  • Excellent Anti friction/ Lubrication property.
  • Wide temperature serviceability and resistance to moisture, humidity and corrosion.
  • Imparts shine on plastic, metal, glass and painted wooden surfaces.
  • Compatibility with most plastics and rubber.
  • Non toxic in nature
  • Non-conductive and insulating in nature.


  • Depending upon the selected grade, the following applications are suggested.
  • Clean release of plastic and rubber moulded articles from dies & moulds.
  • Anti-spatter treatment in arc welding operations.
  • Lubrication and Anti-friction treatment of plastic and rubber components, conveyor belts, tread mills, plastic assemblies and mechanisms, cutting blades etc.
  • Lubricates sewing threads and eliminates breakage.
  • Protects mechanisms, assemblies, electrical equipments and ceramic insulators from ill effects of moisture, humidity and corrosion, especially in severe weather and outdoor conditions.
  • Protection to rubber articles from turning brittle.
  • Maintenance of locks, valves and equipment exposed to extreme weather, moisture and high temperatures
  • Imparting shine and gloss to dashboards of Mobile phones, Cars, TV Cabinets, Painted furniture etc.


24 cans in one corrugated carton

Grade Properties/Type Net Contents
0070 Clear, transparent, oily film with minimum dust attraction 300g