Spot lifter spray


  • Unique cleaning aid that removes oil and grease spots and stains from several type of fabrics and clothing.
  • Contains fast evaporating, cold cleaning, solvent based cleaners which dissolve several types of soft waxes, glues, grease, lubricant oils, dirt, grime, carbon, silicones, tar etc.
  • Safe to use on most fabrics, subject to thorough color fastness checks.
  • Double cleaning action based on solvency and pressure.
  • Not likely to leave any stain or rings, subject to prior tests.


  • It works well on cotton, wool, silk, denim, corduroy, nylon etc.
  • It is used for removing stains from blouses, shirts, neck ties, trousers, uniforms, woven garments, upholstery, curtains, carpets etc.


  • 24 cans in one corrugated carton.
  • Net Content per can: 300 gm