• Ammonia free
  • Safe on paintwork
  • Removes stubborn dirt
  • Makes 10 litres of washer fluid
  • Improves visibility while driving by eliminating glare from oncoming vehicles.
  • Keeps wiper blades soft and lubricated and prevents formation of scratches on the windscreen.
  • Keeps windscreen looking clean and shiny


This concentrate is recommended for dilution 1:19 times at the time of filling the windscreen washer reservoir. 50 ml of Auto Mate® Windscreen Washer Concentrate will make 1000 ml of Washer fluid. Spray the diluted fluid on the windscreen and allow the wiper to wipe off the fluid along with the grime. Repeat operation till satisfactory cleaning is achieved. It is recommended wiping off the product promptly after application. For best results, use a lint free towel to remove the cleaner fluid, if cleaning manually.

Grade Unit Pack Quantity/Case
6600 500 ml 12