Corrogard Multifunctional Oil Spray – Applications

rust preventive

Corrogard 6 in 1 Multifunctional Oil Spray – Applications and Uses

6 Functions & over 1000 uses in factories, workshops, offices and homes


  • Prevention of corrosion on terminal studs, relays, contacts, control panels, junction boxes.
  • Release & lubrication of study push buttons, pivots, circuit breaker levers, rusty jammed hinges of control panels, feeder pillars & boxes. Release of rusty mechanisms of switchgear.
  • Cleaning of generator/motor windings electrical contacts and equipment contaminated with dirt, oil, grease, carbon, dust rust and moisture.
  • Prevention chattering of contacts due to moisture and dirt. Displaces moisture and water from electrical equipment.


Factory, Workshop & Office

  • Protects moulds, dies, tools, spare parts & machined components from rust and corrosion.
  • Lubricates and services crimping collects, bushes, bearings, cutting  blades, drill bits, hand tools, ball valves, pressure relief valves etc.
  • Release jammed/ rusty nuts, bolts, threaded  connectors, bushes, pipe joints etc.
  • Removes dust, dirt, oil, grease, adhesives etc. from equipment and machinery.
  • Services conveyors, material handling equipment, electrical switchgear.
  • Lubricates moving parts of machines, delicate assemblies requiring light lubrication.
  • Lubricates and services, type-writers, printers, photocopiers, steel office furniture.
  • Eliminates noise, squeaks and chattering from equipment and assemblies.


Home & Sport

Protects, lubricates, cleans and services:

  • stuck up valves  or water tanks, rusty nuts and bolts  water coolers,
  • water pumps and metal work exposed to weather noisy fans,
  • sewing machines, lawn mower, metal gates, awnings,
  • door & window hinges, air-conditioning units,
  • ventilator and exhaust fans, air coolers, water pumps, roller shutters, venetian blinds,
  • outdoor  garden  furniture, hinges & locks and latches, builders hardware,
  • castor wheels of trolleys & luggage bags, sticky/ jammed zippers,
  • mechanical  toys and adjustment cable TV dish antennae.